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Monday, June 8, 2015


DH and I try not to fill our house with toys that are plastic and made in China. We love wooden toys but they can be pricey. We also would like new toys to be something special.  It's too easy to end up with a lot of junk. How can you make green choices without spending a lot of money?

Remember the three Rs? Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We just mentioned that we reduce the number of toys we purchase. We love reusing, especially now with the more fashionable moniker of "upcycling."

Pinterest is particularly helpful. I did a search for sensory toys and came up with tons of ideas, one of which I was able to implement during nap time. 

Ribbon Pull
4 ribbons (more or less), about 12" long. Exact measurements not necessary but they should vary in color and texture if possible. 
Oatmeal or other cardboard canister, with lid
Exacto knife

Scrapbook paper
Glue or Modge Podge

1. If using scrapbook paper to cover your canister, measure the height of your container. I measured from the bottom to the lip at the top. My paper wasn't quite wide enough to wrap all the way around, so I cut an extra strip to fill in the empty space.
2.  Glue or Modge Podge your paper to the canister, smoothing to avoid bubbles. I like using a foam brush to apply Modge Podge. I MP'ed the outside of the paper too. Hopefully that will keep Abby from being able to peel the paper off. 
3. Trace the lid onto another piece of scrapbook paper. I was able to use the leftover from the sheet that I used to wrap the container. 
4. Apply a thin layer of glue to your lid. If you have an opaque lid, glue to the outside. My lid was translucent, so I glued it on the inside. Press on the paper, smoothing out bubbles. 
5. You can start here if you didn't use paper! Using the knife, carefully cut small holes in the sides of your canister, just big enough for the ribbon. Cut one hole for each ribbon.
6. Thread the ribbons through the holes, tying knots on the ends outside the canister.
7. Cut holes in your lid and thread the ribbon through, again tying a knot on the end. 
8. Give all your ribbons a good tug from each end to make sure the knots won't go through the holes. 
9. Optional: glue on the lid. 
10. Supervise your child while they play, particularly babies.

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