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Monday, January 26, 2015

JuJuBe Addiction

Diaper Parties started carrying Ju-Ju-Be diaper bags a few months ago. If you haven't heard of these diaper bags, you're in for a real treat.  And possible addiction. Here is what I love about these bags.

  • Stylish prints.  These are all about mom's style and can serve double duty as purses or weekend bags without a baby or toddler in sight. 
  • Light colored linings.  These make it really easy to find what you are looking for inside. 
  • Metal hardware. It's going to last. 
  • Lots of pockets.
  • Machine washable.  This might be my favorite part, after the prints. 
  • A range of sizes, styles, and prices.  
I have three JuJuBe bags now, and wanted to share with you how I use them.  

The Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick, which retails for $18, is the perfect bag for running into the grocery store.  

It's a very simple bag, with just one zipper pocket on the inside.  I use it when I think I won't need to do a diaper change, but know there's always a chance.  I also keep this bag inside a larger diaper bag so I can grab and go if I'm out running errands all day.

Here you see the contents of my Be Quick:
I like using flats diapers as backups because they can also double as a burp cloth or spit up rag.  They are super compact too. I just fold it before putting it into the bag so it's ready to go! Usually I use a reusable wet bag for dirty diapers, but here I use a plastic one because it's so compact.  This is my set-up for an hour's outing or less.  


The Ju-Ju-Be Be Light is the newest addition to my collection.  This is a great bag for a half-day out, and also makes a great large purse.  At $35, it's not a huge splurge to have in addition to a larger bag. 

I have a potty-learning two year-old and a six month old, and this bag is big enough for taking care of both of them. It has everything that I had in the Be Quick, with a couple of exceptions.  The plastic bag is gone, replaced by a reusable wet bag.  The flat diaper remains because of its dual purpose, but I took out the Snappi and cover in exchange for three other diapers.  Here's the breakdown: 

It folds up nice and small!

Finally, we have the Ju-Ju-Be Super Be.  When my son was born, my daughter was still in diapers.  And although I love cloth diapers, they aren't particularly compact.  Now that she's learning to use the potty, I only have cloth diapers for one but I often have to carry around multiple changes of pants (depending on the day--it's a long story).  This is the best bag for all day long, and I will be holding onto it as a weekend bag.  The bag itself is super lightweight, so you can really load it up.  I feel like this bag is the Mary Poppins bag of diaper bags.

A size comparison of the loaded up bags: Super Be, Be Light, and Be Quick

I have the Super Be folded up in the upper left hand corner to show how tiny it can be. It holds:
I can go out for 12 hours with my bag packed like this. I love that I can hold a wrap or Tula in my diaper bag, with room to spare.  The best part about this large bag?  It's only $50 (slightly more for this print because it's a Legacy print).  

(In case you are curious about the prints, the Super Be is Marquess, the Be Light is First Lady, and the Be Quick is Royal Envy.  Marquess and First Lady are Legacy prints, which cost slightly more and have a gold label rather than a stitched label).

Whatever your diaper bag needs, Ju-Ju-Be is certain to have the right fit.  What appeals to you about these bags?

Note: I am a Diaper Parties consultant and work on commission.  These links are all affiliate links, and it helps me out if you purchase through these links and select me as your consultant at checkout!

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